13 May 2011

What goes on in the Emerald Isle?

It has been reported that the Church of Ireland has “subscribed” to the Anglican Covenant.

But what does that mean?

Evidently, a great deal was made in the debate of the difference in Irish polity between the impact of subscribing to the Covenant rather than adopting it. Trouble is, there is no mechanism in the Covenant to subscribe to it. According to section 4.1, a church can “adopt” the Covenant. And specifically according to section 4.1.6, the “Covenant becomes active for a Church when that Church adopts the Covenant.” No mention of subscribing.

And section 4.2.8 states that:
Participation in the decision making of the Standing Committee or of the Instruments of Communion in respect to section 4.2 shall be limited to those members of the Instruments of Communion who are representatives of those churches who have adopted the Covenant, or who are still in the process of adoption.
So, whatever the Church of Ireland thought it was doing by subscribing to the Covenant, it appears that it has not adopted it, and thus it is not “active” for the Church of Ireland. Nor can the representatives of the Church of Ireland participate in the dispute settling processes of section 4.2.

Question: is the Emerald City in the Emerald Isle?

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

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